Confirming to IS: 1659 standards Indica block boards are there to stay with you. The woodwork will last till generations because Indica blockboards are made out of well-seasoned planks according to the scientific patterns laid by forest Research Institute. These are light in weight, dimensionally stable, with no tendency of wraping. A smooth finished surface, free from waviness overlapping and gaps, very light to handle, easy to saw and excellent in screw and nail holding properties
Indica's 100% BWR block boards is an exterior grade board , which is durable, resistant to heat, and all weather proof. It is available in commercial, teak and other varieties. Ant attaack of borer and termite or any micro-oraganism cannot make any effect on Indica

Indica offers the most durable Mr grade plywood made out of selected veeners from defect free logs. The veneeris bonded together with melamine based urea formaldehyde resin that prepares Indica ply to resist moisture or even mild showers. Veneers are well treated with formulated to make Indica -borer resistant plwood.
Indica BWR grde plywood is used for exterior grade. It has zero effect of boiling water, cyclic moistening and drying. Indica ply has the strength and power due to the bonding of Ohenol Formaldehyde resin, which is being produced in a strictly maintained chemical plant. It is a ideal as apanel insert for exterior grade panel doors or any other exposed work.